Clarissa San Pedro is a designer whose work and research focuses on graphic and editorial design for print and new media.

Piracy Catch Book

Byam Shaw School of Art

May 2011

Piracy Catch book is a contribution to the Piracy Colection at the  Byam Shaw School of Art Library. It is a pirate copy of Catch-22 by Joseph Heller (1961) and the work is a reflection on book piracy. In order to raise awareness about this subject among the reader community, I created a book that deprives the readers of its content.

The original book title (Catch-22) coined the expression used today to describe a difficult position from which there is no escape. My copy, with the same content disguised with a new cover, puts the reader precisely in a catch-22 situation: all pages were glued, making it impossible to read. The only way to turn the pages is opening them forcefully, which would end up destroying the book. The reader can choose either not to read it, and keep the book intact; or, if he tries to read it, he will end up destroying its content.

The project can be seen at Byam Shaw Library or at the project blog.