Clarissa San Pedro is a designer whose work and research focuses on graphic and editorial design for print and new media.

Story Storage Workshop

Central Saint Martins

22th - 24th Jun 2011

Story Storage was a 3-day workshop with karaoke aimed at creating an evolving story of words, pictures, mixed media and singing. The walls of Back Hill studio at Central Saint Martins were the starting point for a narrative constructed combining individual work, shared experience and occupation of space. The project was developed with Cally Gatehouse and in collaboration with students of MA Communicatio Design at Central Saint Martin. The events and the students’ work were published in the blog Story Storage Workshop.

Students who collaborated to create the story: Anne Schourup-Kristensen, Cally Gatehouse, Clarissa Haag San Pedro, Essi Salonen, James Barker, John Parker, Miya Zhenghong Li, Sean Kwang Hyur Ahn, Stefanie Scharz, Stella Lin, Rita Branco and Woojeong Chon.